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How I Murdered Epstein-Barr in 12 Weeks

I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a farmer (that third one was just for fun). I’m just a hot babe who kicked her CAEBV back into dormancy in 12 weeks like a badass ninja.
The results – I went RAFTING with my family on 4th of July like a champ!!! I also lost about 15lbs – side bonus!

I’m sorry if you have Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus (CAEBV). I know how fucking horrible it is. I started this acute protocol after a friend of mine took his life after battling this virus for 10 years because my son was seven at the time and I didn’t want him to bury his mommy, as I’ve struggled with suicidal depression most of my life and have two suicides on my mom’s side of the family.

To summarize:

  1. Fuck CAEBV.
  2. I did.
  3. Here’s how I did it.

Also, I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a farmer (that third one was just for fun). I’m just a hot babe who kicked her CAEBV back into dormancy in 12 weeks like a badass ninja.

Because there are so many nuances and all of our bodies are so different and we’re contending with various co-infections and autoimmune diseases, etc – I’m just going to make broad strokes.


  1. “The Epstein-Barr Solution” by Kasia Kines. I make no money telling you this – it’s just the book that saved my ass. And she’s an EBV pro.
  2. I did a ton of other research, as we all should, but Kine’s really lays it out beautifully and it’s easy to follow.


  1. Eggs.
  2. Chicken.
  3. Sugar. (Raw honey & 100% maple syrup & Stevia are okay.)
  4. Corn.
  5. Alcohol.
  6. Coffee. (Caffeine is cool in black tea until 3pm.)
  7. Dairy.
  8. Pork.
  9. Any fish with mercury.
  10. Any factory farmed animals.***
  11. Soy.
  12. Peanuts.
  13. Grapefruit, (actually alters detox enzymes).
  14. Table salt.
  15. Condiments with sugar or corn.
  16. Coffee & soda.
  17. All of my food sensitivities from my ALCAT & Everlywell tests.

***I went full-blown vegan for about 5 months because it was just easier.

I understand this may already feel impossible, but the way I looked at it was it’s not as hard as taking my own life. I also ate eggs and chicken EVERY DAY and I craved them, especially eggs. I learned that I didn’t crave them; CAEBV craved them. I had to stop feeding the virus that was trying to kill me.


I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and my nutritionist highly recommended I cut out ALL GRAINS. I did. I only had 3 left I could eat anyway.


There's no ONE thing that works for EVERYONE, but this is what worked for me.
There’s no ONE thing that works for EVERYONE.

I did the celery juice thing for 4 months. It’s 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. I stopped because it was bothering my kidneys. I don’t know if it had anything to do with my healing, but here’s a picture.

Oh, also – it’s a Medical Medium thing. I actually like his book describing the stages of EBV, but I’m not a huge fan of his vibe and his people are really intense.


  1. Selenium (for me, daily, bc of Hashi’s)
  2. Licorice (7 days max, be careful)
  3. L-lysine (for me, daily)
  4. NAC (for me, daily)
  5. Zinc (for me, daily)
  6. ALA (for me, daily)
  7. Curcumin (I can’t take)
  8. Vitamin E (for me, daily)
  9. Probiotics (for me, NEEDS TO BE daily)
  10. Vitamin D (for me, daily)
  11. Folate (I did)
  12. Vitamin A (I spaced)
  13. Vitamin C (for me, daily)
  14. EPA/DHA (for me, daily)
  15. Melatonin (for me, daily)
  16. CoQ10 (for me, daily)
  17. L-Glutamine (I take NAC & milk thistle instead)
  18. Vitamin B-12 (for me, daily)
  19. Methylated B complex (for me, daily)
  20. Hawaain Spirulina (for me, daily)
  21. Aloe Vera Juice (I did, so gross)

This is why you really need the book. Kines gives high dosing recommendations along with the length of time you should high dose each supplement. Most are 2 weeks, but some are only 3 days. I also discovered that my doctor had me at some dangerous levels of several supplements.

You may also be saying, BUT WHERE’S THE MONOLAURIN??? Well, kitty cats, it’s not quite as important as all of our doctors believe.


  1. Olive Leaf Extract
  2. Monolauren!
  3. Proteolytic Enzyme

I’ve done all of them. Kines recommends one at a time. My insane doctor had me at 9,000mg a day of Monolauren and I herxed BAD. But because I was so brainwashed, I stayed on Monolauren for probably around 5 months.


I will tell you that I herxed fiercely for 4 weeks when I was on my doctor’s regime and I still herxed pretty badly on this. Kines says to slow down if you start herxing, but I WAS ON A MISSION.

So can you get your EBV dormant in 12 weeks without herxing? I don’t know. I didn’t care.

I was totally symptom-free for 2.5 months and had THE BEST 4th of July ever with my family. Then Lyme came back and kicked my ass.

But my EBV has remained dormant. I still take a lot of these supplements daily. I sometimes eat bison or grass-fed beef. I take Fermented Cod Liver Oil everyday for my EPA/DHA and my thyroid med is pig thyroid, so I’m not 100% vegan at all.

Lastly, this is an acute regimen, not to be done forever. The good news is if my EBV comes back, I can kick its ass pretty hard and quick with this protocol.

I’m always available to chat. I love you. You got this!!!!

4th of July night in Tahoe City with my son, husband and mom.
I made this video quite a while ago and it gets more into the story than the protocol. And my son is eating mac n cheese the entire time so it’s kind of annoying.

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