Buy My Stuff!

Ok, seriously people, I DO NOT make a living doing stand-up.


So I’m selling stuff on my site to hopefully one day quit my day job.

Delusions of grandeur or sheer optimism? We shall see…

Buy my EP on iTunes!


Or go to my store & buy a REAL CD with CARROTS ON IT & an INSIDE PICTURE & a BACK PICTURE*


*Okay, so what I meant to say was BACK OF CD CASE PICTURE, but that sounded way too long, but it’s not actually a picture of my back. BUT if that entices you to buy a CD, then it shall just remain a mystery until you buy my CD!**

**I rule at marketing.

Oh, the most important part is it’s super funny! Other real humans agree!

On my way back to work this morning. I popped in your CD. It made the ride a little bit more livable.
– Erika Roth, Rad Human, New Jersey

👏👏👏 I love it. And now I have a new mantra: SYTADGK…–
-@scootergrant2, Rad Twitter Friend, California
(The hands clapping emoji IS a direct quote.)

Buy my CD to find out what SYTADGK stands for… you will not be disappointed!

My favorite quantity was all of it. Fantastic. I love this.
-Octopus/Caveman, Painter, Music Maker, Twitter & Instagram Sensation, he’s so famous he won’t even let us know where he lives for fear of getting mauled by savage groupies

And I loved it!!!!!!
-Kyle Penguin, a real penguin, North Pole

You’re hilarious.
-Dire Wolf, a real dire wolf, Phoenix, Arizona
(I agree Phoenix seems a bit warm for a dire wolf, but it’s on the internet so it’s true.)

Nailed it.
-Peter, Peter….Garden Weeder, My Twitter Friend, Upstate New York

It rocks!
-My Mom, Totally Rad Artist, Tahoe City, CA

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