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Ok, seriously people, I DO NOT make a living doing stand-up.


So I’m selling stuff on my site to hopefully one day quit my day job.

Delusions of grandeur or sheer optimism? We shall see…

Here’s my rad store, Punk Rock Carrot! I sell punk rock baby and toddler clothes and magnets and they are all rad!

Buy my EP on iTunes!


Or go to my store & buy a REAL CD with CARROTS ON IT & an INSIDE PICTURE & a BACK PICTURE*


*Okay, so what I meant to say was BACK OF CD CASE PICTURE, but that sounded way too long, but it’s not actually a picture of my back. BUT if that entices you to buy a CD, then it shall just remain a mystery until you buy my CD!**

**I rule at marketing.

Oh, the most important part is it’s super funny! Other real humans agree!

On my way back to work this morning. I popped in your CD. It made the ride a little bit more livable.
– Erika Roth, Rad Human, New Jersey

👏👏👏 I love it. And now I have a new mantra: SYTADGK…–
-@scootergrant2, Rad Twitter Friend, California
(The hands clapping emoji IS a direct quote.)

Buy my CD to find out what SYTADGK stands for… you will not be disappointed!

My favorite quantity was all of it. Fantastic. I love this.
-Octopus/Caveman, Painter, Music Maker, Twitter & Instagram Sensation, he’s so famous he won’t even let us know where he lives for fear of getting mauled by savage groupies

And I loved it!!!!!!
-Kyle Penguin, a real penguin, North Pole

You’re hilarious.
-Dire Wolf, a real dire wolf, Phoenix, Arizona
(I agree Phoenix seems a bit warm for a dire wolf, but it’s on the internet so it’s true.)

Nailed it.
-Peter, Peter….Garden Weeder, My Twitter Friend, Upstate New York

It rocks!
-My Mom, Totally Rad Artist, Tahoe City, CA

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