COURTNEY RUNDELL is a stand-up comedian, writer and carrot-eater.fullsizerender-jpg

Normally, I’d keep writing about myself in third person to make this come off like it was written by some super fancy publicist, but after almost dying a few times, I have very little room for bullshitting in my life anymore.

I started writing creatively when I was eight and fell in love. Poetry was my gateway drug, which led to playwriting, blogging, copywriting and finally stand-up comedy.

The rest of a standard bio usually looks like a rich person asking for a bank loan, but I’ll spare you the mundane.

Here’s some cool stuff I’ve done:

  • BFA in Acting – UNR (yeah, Reno). I was a well-known stage actress. In. Reno.
  • Starred in a handful of horrible B-movies.
  • MA in Playwriting – UCSB (yeah, playwriting, I know).
  • Award-winning playwright. Productions in California and Nevada.
  • Short film produced.
  • Feature film optioned for five years.
  • Published blogs at WebMD, Below the Fold Mag and several others .
  • Copy in US Weekly, Redbook and Shape Magazine.
  • Panelist on Nickelodeon’s “Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor.
  • Stand-up at The Comedy Store, Flappers and almost every dive bar in the San Fernando Valley.

I live in Los Angeles with my cute husband and our super rad kid. Most importantly, carrots are my favorite vegetable and sharing is caring.

. . .

Click the link below to read my blog, Reno is a Gateway Drug. Someday it will be a book. For now, it’s collecting interweb dust.

From MTV to LSD, from Madonna to Bauhaus, from little girl to drug addict, coming-of-age in Reno in the 1980’s was damned fun until is wasn’t.


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