Court Rundell: Renaissance Weirdo


Court Rundell is an accredited Total Weirdo. Living most of her early life in and out of seedy motels, Rundell squeezes the comedy out of her seemingly tragic early life as an abused child and mentally ill drug addicted teen.

She’s performed at Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv and The Comedy Store. She can be seen on Nickelodeon’s Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor and has starred in 5 films no one’s ever heard of and should certainly never watch.

She holds a completely useless M.A. in Playwriting from UCSB and an equally useless B.F.A. in Performance from UNR.

Rundell does corporate events blending comedy and her personal story. She starred in Buzzfeed’s I’m Bipolar, But I’m Not…and she’s written for WebMD, WEGO Health and The International Bipolar Foundation.

Court lives in Studio City with her super talented film editor husband, Matt Rundell. They’ve been married for 8,000,000 years and still really like each other.

They have two children, 6-year-old Morgan and 13-year-old Machu Picchu, a human who happens to live in a Boston Terrier costume.

Most importantly, carrots are her favorite vegetable.

. . .

Click here to read Court’s totally rad blog, Reno is a Gateway Drug, that is currently being adapted into a graphic novel with the brilliant Daniel J Frey.

It’s going to be big time, so you can say you read the first draft before anyone else.

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