Meet Court.

Court Rundell’s been speaking since 2001 about the lessons she’s learned from surviving child abuse, bullying and rape, and living with 6 chronic illnesses. Every challenge she’s lived through became her greatest teachers, making her stronger and transforming her into the phoenix she is today. She’s spoken at conventions, treatment centers and conferences.

She’s also an award-winning playwright with an M.A. in Playwriting from UCSB. She’s blogged for WebMD, WEGO Health the International Bipolar Foundation. Her blog “Reno is a Gateway Drug” is currently being adapted into a graphic novel and she’s working on a memoir about surviving postpartum depression.

She’s been married since 2003 to the amazing film editor, Matt Rundell. They live in Studio City with their son, Morgan and cat, Bagel, who occasionally poops in the tub. The cat, not Morgan.

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